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Food Fraud Friday: Del Monte Packs Up Fruit – with Splenda?!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for Food Fraud Friday! This week: Del Monte Canned Fruit. Sounds innocent enough but there’s something not quite right, lurking in the background…

Think fruit packed in water is the only thing you get when you’re buying Del Monte canned fruit? Maybe not if you, like me (mistakenly) bought fruit, packed in water…and sweetened with sucralose (aka Splenda!) img-thing

Yes, Del Monte has decided to take out the added sugars found in many canned fruits and replace them with an artificial sweetener. Really? Is fruit not naturally sweet enough? Is it so much to ask in the dead of winter to buy some canned fruit, without anything (sugar or sweetener) added to it? I do hope this doesn’t become a trend in canned fruit.

Del Monte, leave fruit alone – it’s perfect, just the way it is. It certainly doesn’t need any help being sweeter.


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2 thoughts on “Food Fraud Friday: Del Monte Packs Up Fruit – with Splenda?!

  1. We couldn’t agree more! Kudos to you for being an educated consumer and checking your labels. It’s always unsettling to see what can be done with creative packaging language.

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