GetReal: Yur Busted

GetReal: Yur Busted Lipozene

“Wanna lose fat? Wanna lose it quick? Take this pill! No side effects!”

Perhaps not word for word, the above quote is basically what the commercials for Lipozene exclaim, louring in potential weight losers with promises of fat loss, sans nasty side effects. Is it for real? Or too good to be true? Could there be some novel ingredient in Lipozene that simply melts fat tissue!?

On closer inspection, Lipozene is mostly made of a fibre called glucomannan (derived from konjac root). Once ingested, this fibre binds to water and expands in the stomach, taking up some room, and as the theory goes, helping you feel fuller on less food (eat less = lose weight).


There’s a few catches though. Taking enough glucomannan for actual weight loss, you wouldn’t be able to leave the bathroom (think excessive gas, diarrhea and painful cramping). And, it’s expensive. If you take the maximum amount of Lipozene deemed to be safe by the manufacturer (6 capsules a day), then each 60-count bottle of Lipozene will last for only 10 days. At a cost of roughly $30 per bottle, that brings the cost of a one month supply to $90. Ouch. And, the “clinical study” they undertook? People lost an average of 3.8lbs – over 8 weeks!? You could lose weight at that rate on your own by filling up on soluble fibre from many other nutritious food sources or adding extra fibre to your diet using Metamucil or psyillium fibre. You don’t need an expensive pill to do it.

Bottom line? It’s no miracle. It’s a scam using extremely misleading claims (sorry). Do not waste your money on this one.

Lipozene: You are busted.


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