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GRG Food Find: Dole Chopped Salads

I did a little jump for joy last time I was at the grocery store when I spotted Dole’s new Chopped Salad kits. Any product that makes putting dinner on the table a little faster AND healthier is a reason to celebrate, especially around this busy time of year!

dole chopped salad

What’s so great about this particular salad kit? First off, it’s got KALE and cabbage and carrots, romaine lettuce, green onions, oh my! Secondly, it’s CHOPPED into tiny bite-sized pieces which makes it that much tastier (call me nerdy but I think it has to do with the increased surface area you get when you chop food small which means the flavour hits more of your taste buds). Thirdly, it’s easy – it comes washed and complete with salad dressing, and depending on the kind you get some fun add-ons like spice packets or parmesan cheese.

chopped salad

Be warned, the package says it feeds 4, but if you like a nice big salad with dinner I would say it’s closer to feeding 2 people. Also, you don’t need to use the whole packet of dressing – keep the calories lower by using 3/4 of the packet.

Add a chicken breast or salmon (filet or fresh) or a can of black beans and you got yourself a complete meal in no time.

Happy crunching!


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