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Food Fraud Alert – Dempster’s Garden Vegetable Bread

Upon first laying eyes on Dempster’s latest creation, “garden vegetable bread”, a furrowing of the brow inevitably sets in. These days, poor little ol’ whole grain wheat bread has a bad rap so the brains at Dempster’s came up with a “fresh take” on it: adding veggies in it (specifically pumpkin and carrot). Is this bread worth it’s weight in veggie gold? Should you swap out your regular whole grain bread for this one?

Well, as for a way to get veggies into your diet, it’s a-surprise-flop. For 2 slices of the bread, you get 1/2 a serving of veggies. A half a serving of veggies is a 1/4 cup. Not that exciting, not that much. Plus, it was more expensive than my regular whole grain bread. And finally, the fibre content is basically the same as other whole grain breads out there (4 grams of fibre for 2 slices). So in terms of packing a superior nutritional-punch that would justify any increase in price, Dempster’s Garden Vegetable Bread is at best an interesting marketing ploy and at worst, manages to fuel the theory that “hiding vegetables” in products that are modified in some small way, makes up for an otherwise unhealthy diet.


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7 thoughts on “Food Fraud Alert – Dempster’s Garden Vegetable Bread

  1. What do you think about Country Harvest Veggie Bread? I just bought some. It says there is one serving of vegetables in one slice. Thoughts?

    • Hey Christina,

      Thanks for your question. The Country Harvest people seem to be making some questionable claims with the one serving of veg per slice promise. I’m skeptical. I’ve contacted the company for an explanation of how that can be. I’ll let you know if I hear back :)

      Thanks for reading!


  2. I didn’t like the Garden Vegetable Bread because of bad ingrediance combination of sweet vegetable and suger, I got red of the 2 bread which I bought at Costco in Langford BC.

    • Hey Christina,

      So I got an answer…here’s what I asked:

      “Query: Hi,
      Regarding your vegetable bread, how do you calculate the 1 serving of vegetables per slice? Is it based on the amount of veggie in each slice? And if so, what is the amount of vegetables per slice (or loaf)?

      And here’s the answer I got:

      Dear Ms. Saunders

      The vegetables are in order of predominance.. In Green pepper & Spinach, there is more green pepper than spinach. In Carrot, Celery and Leek, there is more of the carrot, a bit less of the celery and even less of the leek. The reason for this balance is to give a good tasting product. But we cannot give out the combinations, percentages, etc. Our industry has a right to protect all of the hard work that they have done. A lot of money went into the research and we cannot just give out this info freely.


      Joanne Sanchez
      Customer Care Coordinator/ Consumer Care Center
      Weston Bakeries Limited

      She sounds not too happy, you think? I don’t think her response embodies the “customer care coordinator” title!


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