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New GRG Poll Alert!

Hey all – check out our new poll! We want to know: how often do you go meatless?

Need meatless ideas? Check out these tips:

  • Swap meat burgers for scrumptious homemade bean burgers

  • Cook tofu and spaghetti squash and add to brown rice for a quick supper. Tip: Buy extra firm tofu and cook just like you would chicken

  • Enjoy a simple yet satisfying dinner of whole grain crackers & harvarti cheese, veggies & hummus and fresh fruit

  • Nosh on a veggie burger when you’re out—Harvey’s has a great one

  • Add chickpeas and sunflower seeds to your favorite salad. Tip: use canned chickpeas for convenience, just remember to rinse them first or buy no salt added varieties

  • Have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch—it’s tried and true

  • Pick up some vegetarian sushi at your local grocery store

  • Make lentil tacos or bean burritos (just substitute the ground meat for your favorite bean and flavor with low sodium taco seasoning)

  • Enjoy some high protein Greek yogurt, fruit and whole grain cereal for breakfast

  • Skip the meat in chili for a filling supper or leftover lunch the next day

  • Make vegetarian pizzas with whole pita pitas, tomato sauce, cheese, and any vegetable. Try roasting the veggies first with some garlic to add flavor.

  • Try a vegetarian Indian curry like channa masalaTGIM-meatless-monday-300x183

    Long live the Meatless Monday! And don’t forget the vote :)


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2 thoughts on “New GRG Poll Alert!

  1. Great tips on how to go meatless!! I do eat a lot of fish, Iam trying to eat more plant based protein!

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