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GetReal and Breathe, k?

The holidays are done and reality, rife with bloated credit card bills, are the norm. Besides eating right and getting some exercise, what can one do to improve your “mind health”? Well, did you take a deep breath today? Take one right now…..ahhh. Feel a bit better? It’s amazing the power of our breath to calm us, and focus us, at the same time.

Most of us go through the whole day breathing very shallow breaths, leaving us tired and feeling run down. Give yourself a “time out” from your day filled with deadlines and plans and stressors and to-do lists. Take a few minutes and just practice some good ol’ fashioned deep breathing. You can practice when you’re in the car, stopped at a red light (keep your eyes open people!) or in an elevator or doing the dishes. A few deep breaths on a daily basis may be just what you need.

You’ll be amazed a what a little breathing can do.



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