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GRG Food Find: PC Grain Blends

As always, President’s Choice rarely disappoints. Their new line of grain blends are a stellar find in the grocery aisles and take meal planning to the next level. They sell different grain blends like:

–          5 Grain (includes spelt, barley, whole grain brown rice, kamut and oats)

–          Basmati rice, oats and lentils (would never have thought of this combo, but sounds delish!)

Grains like barley, spelt and kamut are higher in fibre and protein than the traditional grains we eat. Did you know barley is one of the highest sources of soluble fibre (aka cholesterol and blood sugar-lowering fibre)?! Most people don’t regularly indulge in these grains because they are unfamiliar and can take long to cook. But what puts these PC blends above the rest is that they are precooked – which means a mean side dish can be on the table in 10 minutes! They even come with a recipe on the back if you’re stuck for ideas.

Here’s what I made for a delicious balanced lunch:

Ingredients: PC 5 grain blend (cooked) + tomato + cucumber + spinach + green pepper + chickpeas + feta cheese + greek salad dressing.

Kamut, spelt, barley, oh my!


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