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GetReal this Easter with Eggs

One can’t help but think of eggs when Easter comes around, and yes you’re probably thinking about the chocolate variety, but what about plain old eggs (the kind you crack open to eat for breakfast or bake with)? What’s the “Get Real” message on the whole egg debate?

Let’s take a look inside an egg (aka the nutritional value):

1 large egg contains:

78 calories

6 grams protein

5 grams total fat

1.5 grams saturated fat (aka bad fat)

215 mg cholesterol

62 mg sodium

Plus a smattering of vitamins/minerals and antioxidants

Overall eggs are a good source of protein and rich in good-for-you vitamins/minerals including choline (helps with brain development) and lutein (for good vision).

Research to date shows that 7 eggs a week doesn’t increase cholesterol or risk of a heart attack. So for all you healthy folk – one egg a day is just fine! If you have had a heart attack, have really high cholesterol or have diabetes it’s best to cut back to 3-4 eggs per week.

‘Member, most of the egg’s calories and all of the fat and cholesterol are found in the yolk. So, it’s the egg yolk that you have to be mindful of. Egg whites are unlimited! Whoo Hoo!


Yellow part = limit

White part = unlimited

Wondering what the deal is about white vs. brown eggs? Check it out here.

So this Easter, don’t feel guilty about your one (or two) Cadbury cream egg or your couple real eggs either.

Happy Easter y’all!


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