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GetReal: EAT Before Your Morning Workout to Burn Fat

Many people wonder when the best time to work out is…the answer truly is: whenever you can get it in. The other important issue is once you know when you’re working out, people need to make sure they are “fueling” appropriately. For example, if you workout in the morning, make sure you have a small amount of carbohydrates for fuel throughout your workout. By eating some carbohydrates in the morning, your body will be able to have more energy to burn more fat during the workout. Without any carb in the morning, your body will get the energy from protein (think: the lean body mass you’re trying to keep!), breaking down muscle to perform the exercise and then your metabolism slows down.

What to eat for your pre-work sweat session? Grab a medium banana or apple, a yogurt or 1 piece of whole grain toast with low sugar jam.

Fueling up will help you have the energy you need to have a satisfying and productive workout.

Same rules applies to people who workout more than 4 hours after their last meal. You too need to add a small amount of carbohydrate pre-workout to help replenish carb stores as well.

Have a Happy and Fuel-ed Up Fat-Burning Workout Peeps!


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